Since I don’t always have my computer and wacom tablet around, I often draw in my sketchbook, which is a bit easier to carry, but just as fun to draw in. So that is why I decided that I will share some of my most recent traditional sketches. They are done in few steps: pencil sketch followed by pen line work and shading with brush tip marker. This kind of sketches usually take me from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Main purpose of doing them is to express some ideas and concepts which may end up in my digital paintings.

Have a nice day!

 Tonguehead creature Unusual tree Earth guardian and air vegetation Torso and head sketch



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  1. Tassiana says:

    Kath, I LOVE this one with the peacock, the coourls are awesome ! i love the combination ofblue and aqua together (and pink and black) am feeling some cake inspiration if you dont mind

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