Environment Speedpainting

I am posting final result and a recorded video of my last environment speedpainting attempt. This time I have focused mainly on composition and how to control viewers eye to stay on the areas that I want him to see. I tried to create a triangular composition using rule of thirds, so the eye flows nicely between castle, foreground barrack and distant sphere. I have started with no particular subject matter in my mind and it took me around 2 hours to finish it. If you have any questions or requests be sure to send me a message and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

Fantasy Castle

Daily Sketches 9-16

Yes, I am still doing this quick daily sketches. They are really fun, and I am a little proud of myself, that I haven’t given up on them yet. This is a great way to explore different styles, discover yourself as an artist and also a great place to fail. You don’t have to share your sketches with anyone, keep them for yourself and keep track of your progress. It may not be visible after first week or even month, but with regular practise you are going to achieve some really nice results. Trust me!

If you are relatively new and you are just starting out, I suggest you to watch this video lesson about doing studies and how to improve as an artis.

The reason I am sharing my sketches with you, is to let you know that failing regularly doesn’t make me quit painting. I spend very little time per piece, max 40 minutes, and then I leave it as it is. It may turn out good, but if it doesn’t, I dont care. Tomorrow is a new day, new painting and a new opportunity to improve. Just don’t give up.

Since I am trying to cover all different kinds of subjects and themes in my daily sketches, please suggest some nice ideas and I will dedicate the sketch to you. If you wish, you will also recieve full resolution (2000×850) file of an painting. Leave suggestions  in the comment section below, on my facebook site, twitter or you can even send me an email (jan.drenovec@gmail.com).



Process for World of Lightning

I wanted to share some steps of creating a environment concept with a bit of background story.

Main purpose of this painting was to design an interesting world, which is a bit similiar to our home planet. The story I came up with goes something like this: World of Lightning was a planet with an Earth like atmosphere. There were lots of jungle forests, but an alien civilization arrived and started abusing rare ore, which contained  electric power. In their greed they have started overusing this rare ore, so nowadays ligtning storms are raging around the planet and forests are becoming deserts and wastelands.

First I start off with grayscale sketch, where I define basic composition, perspective, shapes and design elements. Everything is extremley rough but main shapes are already visible. Second step is to find some reference images and photo textures to add some visual noise, from which is for me faster and easier to paint. But almost all parts of phototextures end up completely covered with paint and are not visible any more in the final painting. I also define basic color pallet and overall mood.

When all this is established I continue with painting details. At this stage I might still tweak some design elements, which doesn’t work well. Up to final stage I don’t use any other brush than basic round brush set to pen pressure. When everything is pretty much finished I spice up painitng with some custom brushes for clouds, grass, leaves and branches. For defining architectural and manmade elements I use lasso tool, which enables me to make nice clean lines.

In the end when painting part is finished, I add some textures with overlay blending mode to big areas and adjust colors and values with Photoshop edit options, add signature and call it done.


3 stages of process