Daily Sketches 9-16

Yes, I am still doing this quick daily sketches. They are really fun, and I am a little proud of myself, that I haven’t given up on them yet. This is a great way to explore different styles, discover yourself as an artist and also a great place to fail. You don’t have to share your sketches with anyone, keep them for yourself and keep track of your progress. It may not be visible after first week or even month, but with regular practise you are going to achieve some really nice results. Trust me!

If you are relatively new and you are just starting out, I suggest you to watch this video lesson about doing studies and how to improve as an artis.

The reason I am sharing my sketches with you, is to let you know that failing regularly doesn’t make me quit painting. I spend very little time per piece, max 40 minutes, and then I leave it as it is. It may turn out good, but if it doesn’t, I dont care. Tomorrow is a new day, new painting and a new opportunity to improve. Just don’t give up.

Since I am trying to cover all different kinds of subjects and themes in my daily sketches, please suggest some nice ideas and I will dedicate the sketch to you. If you wish, you will also recieve full resolution (2000×850) file of an painting. Leave suggestions  in the comment section below, on my facebook site, twitter or you can even send me an email (jan.drenovec@gmail.com).



Daily Sketches 1-8

Few days ago I have decided to do a 30-40 minute sketch per day. The reasons why I am doing this are the following: I want to improve as an artist (practise on composition, capturing ideas, mood and realism), spend some time on relaxing paintings without any pressure and to remind myself how fun is painting. I am not following any rule of subject matter, I paint what I want. In some cases I do a photo study, sometimes I have some cool idea in my mind that I want to paint or I just let it happen without knowing wgat in particular I will paint. I strongly recommend you doing this, if you are struggling with art and find it somehow stressful. Paint for fun and enjoy it!





Since I don’t always have my computer and wacom tablet around, I often draw in my sketchbook, which is a bit easier to carry, but just as fun to draw in. So that is why I decided that I will share some of my most recent traditional sketches. They are done in few steps: pencil sketch followed by pen line work and shading with brush tip marker. This kind of sketches usually take me from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Main purpose of doing them is to express some ideas and concepts which may end up in my digital paintings.

Have a nice day!

 Tonguehead creature Unusual tree Earth guardian and air vegetation Torso and head sketch