Mist Walker

2 months ago I have decided that I will start participating in The Gnomon Workshop 2D Image challenges, where each month is given topic and first 4 winning designs are rewarded with educational content from industry professionals. Last month I have won 3rd place with my Street Patrol design, but  this month I have managed to win 2nd place with my Gigant Mist Walker concept. I strongly recommend participating in this challenges even if you are just starting out, since idea is what matters and not highly polished artwork.

Here is link to 2D Image challenge forum: http://forums.thegnomonworkshop.com/forumdisplay.php?f=2

For Mist Walker challenge I had to imagine a character or creature that appears when the fog rolls in. I did around 15 thumbnails of possible creature designs, from which I have selected best and did another 4 thumbnails of different environments and compositions. Each thumbnail took me around 10 minutes and they were done in black and white. After that I have started colourizing them and adding details as it is showed in attached gif image.

I encourage you to give it a try and even if you don’t win, you will definitely improve as an artis and designer. Good luck to you all!



Different but wonderful request

               Few days ago I have recieved a bit different request than I am used to. A good friend of mine is celebrating a 5th year anniversary as a couple and he asked me to paint romantic painting of him and his girlfriend. I was honored to do the painting for his beloved one, but it was quite a challenge for me, since I have never done something like that before. While I was painting,  I was using photo reference for their faces. I wanted to create a warm painting, with a traditional feel with some rough and undefined shapes. I hope it turned out well and I wish them many more wonderful years together.



My new site is up!

Hello and welcome to my website!

Main purpose of this blog is sharing my current work, news or announcements with the rest of the world. I will not bother you with boring things that happen to me in every day life. Instead I will try to make these posts as interesting as possible with giving some art tips and tutorials, revealing hot news from world of concept art, doing some motivational posts or answering your questions.

There are also going to be monthly sketch jams on a specific topic, where all of you will be welcome to participate. After the event will be over, I will choose some of the most interesting paintings and do critique and paintover (of course only with your permisson).

In future I might also do weekly/monthly livestreams with Q&A.

Although this site is already up, there are still going to be some modifications, especially art wise. The reason is that I am still in a process of making decent portfolio (most of work that you see is pretty old).

If you are interested in art and you want to recieve notifications about new blog posts, follow me on twitter or add me on my facebook page Art of Jan Drenovec. Also suggest this site to some of your friends who may like it.

Have a nice day!